Ceramic Braces in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Ceramic braces

We at Gardner Orthodontics bring you Ceramic Braces as a great option to teeth straightening. These braces function very much like metal braces but are less noticeable while you’re under treatment. This makes Ceramic Braces perfect for patients who prefer a more appealing way to teeth straightening. Nowadays, you are presented with a lot of options so you can get your teeth straightened in plenty of different ways. Come to our practice in Mt. Pleasant, SC and Dr. Roberta Gardner can talk with you about Ceramic Braces and how this method can significantly improve your smile.

Ceramic Braces are also called tooth-colored braces because their shade greatly resembles the color of your teeth. While these braces work in the same way as metal braces, people will hardly notice that you are wearing them. Ceramic Braces are also easy to use and remove, and are great options to patients who want a cosmetic appliance. We have provided Ceramic Braces to many of our Mt. Pleasant, SC patients and the results are fantastic; it gives them more reasons to smile beautifully.

Studies show that many people are not born with a set of perfectly straight teeth. However, orthodontic technology has given us a breakthrough with Ceramic Braces and many other teeth straightening methods. Ceramic Braces can effectively give you straight teeth over a short time. They are less visible and blend well with the natural color of your teeth. These braces are for patients who like a more subtle approach to teeth straightening. Dr. Gardner, your skilled Mt. Pleasant, SC dentist, can help straighten your teeth with Ceramic Braces.

Straight teeth can bring out a more pleasant smile that comes from within. We at Gardner Orthodontics are dedicated to helping you achieve that smile through orthodontic dentistry. Call us today at (843) 881-0767 and let us take care of your needs. Orthodontics is what Dr. Gardner does best, and Ceramic Braces may just be what you need to achieve straight teeth in no time.