ClearCorrect Teeth Straighteners

Gardner Orthodontics proudly brings you ClearCorrect teeth straighteners! This method to teeth straightening is a simple, invisible approach to getting your teeth straightened. Many people are conscious of their smiles with traditional braces because the metal brackets are very obvious. There is no way of hiding those metal wires when you speak, smile or laugh. With the revolutionary ClearCorrect, you can now say goodbye to those metal wires and smile widely without people noticing your braces. Patients using ClearCorrect can smile confidently while their teeth are being aligned.

So how does the ClearCorrect teeth straightener align the teeth? Our skilled orthodontist, Dr. Gardner, will give you a series of clear, custom and removable aligners that you will use all the time except when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Each aligner will reposition the teeth to a more appealing position. Dr. Gardner will periodically check on your progress. She will tell you how long an aligner must be worn and when you will get your new phases of aligners. The entire process not only effectively straightens the teeth, but is also very comfortable, cosmetically appealing.

Before treatment begins, Dr. Gardner will first evaluate your needs. She will take impressions and sometimes x-rays of your teeth. She will also discuss with you your problems, goals for your smile.

Once goals are set, Dr. Gardner will send your dental record to ClearCorrect so a treatment plan can be mapped out. ClearCorrect will prepare a plan that contains the desired alignment of your teeth after the treatment. During this time, you will be asked to wear the “Phase Zero” passive aligners so you get accustomed to fitting, wearing your ClearCorrect aligner. When Dr. Gardner is satisfied with the fit of Phase Zero, your aligners will then be created. The latest 3D printing technology will be used to precisely craft your ClearCorrect teeth straighteners.

Make the clear choice with Clear Correct teeth straighteners! This revolutionary, modern approach to teeth straightening is available at Gardner Orthodontics, your trusted, reliable orthodontic practice in and around Mt. Pleasant, SC. Visit our practice and we will show you how ClearCorrect looks in a smile. We look forward to seeing you soon!