Adult Orthodontic Treatment: Adult Braces in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Braces are not just for children and teenagers.  Adults can also benefit tremendously from braces.  Approximately 25% of Dr. Gardner’s Adult braces Mount Pleasant, South Carolinapatients are anywhere from 21-78 years old and their smiles have dramatically changed for the better with adult braces in Mount Pleasant.

Correcting tooth alignment and bite can:

  • Improve your appearance and self-esteem
  • Help reduce future gum and bone loss
  • Prevent abnormal tooth wear
  • Lessen joint issues.

At your initial exam, Dr. Gardner will discuss your individualized treatment options and devise a plan that is personalized to accomplish your goals.  Your options may involve full braces, limited braces or invisible aligners.  Clear or cosmetic braces along with invisible aligners, Invisalign, are excellent ways to give you the smile you have always wanted without drawing attention.  Together, you and Dr. Gardner will accomplish your goals with the appliance of your choice and in the time frame you desire at Gardner Orthodontics.