Orthodontics in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Early Treatment


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that an orthodontist evaluate children no later than age seven. Although only a few orthodontics concerns need to be corrected and that age, an early examination allows the orthodontist to evaluate when the appropriate age to start treatment would be.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment can be accomplished in two phases or in one full phase. A two-phase treatment plan involves an early interceptive phase when both baby and adult teeth are present.

This phase addresses some bite discrepancies, eruption guidance, habit cessation and cosmetic concerns. This phase typically lasts for one year and is followed by a phase of retention, or retainer use. The second phase, when all of the permanent teeth are erupted, addresses bite discrepancies and alignment of all the permanent teeth. This phase can last for twelve months or more, with most treatment complete in 24 months. Lifelong retention is stressed after treatment is completed.

Full Treatment


A full treatment case involves braces only once and is accomplished when most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted. This treatment usually last 24 months and is followed by lifelong retention.

Limited Treatment

Limited orthodontic treatment corrects alignment of the teeth but may not correct the bite. This is available for people who only want a cosmetic result and are aware of their bite discrepancy but do not want to correct it. This treatment can be accomplished with limited braces or retainers and usually lasts less than twelve months.


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